Customized Database Programing Services for Your Business

As a full-service imaging and data consulting firm, Innova Plex, INC offers the following services:


Strategies and Planning

A quality data begins its life from a quality image.     We go beyond a simple utilization of off-the-shelf technologies just to get a job done and doing what others are already doing.  We create a customized opto-mechanical solution that is suited for your application and to get you the best image data possilble.  Our team of leading image processing and AI machine vision experts  sit down your own team to come up with the best strategy to efficiently process, analyze, and link multitude of image data sets your organization encounter in the operational fields.    We go one step further to organize a challenging size of data sets and let you efficiently locate, sort, and link multitude of geo-data sets online.     The ultimate award is an enhanced safety and efficiency for your employees.     Getting reliable results from such complex system requires in-depth planning, installation and management. Our team of experts understands and will assist you in every aspect of your projects — from planning to project management, installation, testing, training and implementation.


Technology Assessments

The quality, performance and security of your system can be vastly improved with our technology need assessment. Working together with your in-house teams, we analyze your existing infrastructure and methodology in order to identify vulnerabilities and points of further improvements. Then we set priorities and allocate the best expertise to match your personnel and project requirements.



Installing and testing your new platforms can cause nightmares for even the most seasoned project managers. Innova Plex, INC thoroughly tests and re-tests all devices and software prior to your switch-over date. You can rest assured that from the moment you connect your new system, all processes from data acquisition to processing, and communications will function as you need it to.   If needed, we provide our man and machine team to carry out the field work for your organization.


Project Budget Planning

We don't believe in the one solution fits all approach.  Each project involves a unique set of problem which require a unique set of solution.  Each organization will have their own needs and also budgetary priorities.    The highly experienced project team at Innova Plex, INC can help you acquire the technology you require to reach your business objectives within a budget that works for you.   The scalbility is always in our mind so that the current solution can be scaled up to meet the functional and proformance needs in the future.

Additional services

  • Application development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application or network enhancement
  • Platform migration
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