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Axio Zoom.V16

Axio Zoom.V16, the apochromatic on-axis zoom microscope by Carl Zeiss, delivers both high resolution and a zoom range of 16x. With its large working distance and a single objective, you will be zooming seamlessly from large object fields to the smallest detail. Large tile-images at low to medium magnification rates are a special strength, enabling you to enjoy the speed and ease of auto-mated stitching. The objective aperture of Axio Zoom.V16 is big compared to stereomicroscopes and leads to resolution rates that are clearly better, particularly at low to medium magnification. Imaging is a lot faster: Capture images more efficiently and speed up your quantitative analyses.



  • Apochromatic optics
  • 0.7×–11.2× motorized zoom (eZoom technology)
  • Maximum NA of 0.25* ( *At maximum zoom level with a 1x objective)
  • Electronic click stops
  • Motorized iris
  • Adjustable zoom speed
  • Information on the microscope’s magnification, resolution, depth of field, and field of view
  • Diameter for stand mounting: d = 76 mm
  • Both MAT & BIO options available


Smart Zoom 5

Smartzoom 5, the smart digital microscope that’s ideal for quality assurance applications in virtually every field of industry. Quick and easy to set up, fully automated, and equipped with dedicated quality assurance and quality control components, it’s so simple to operate, even untrained users will produce excellent results. Smartzoom 5 brings you a number of cleverly integrated components. Cables are minimized and completely housed inside the system to eliminate clutter.  With Smartzoom 5, you have a choice of three different objectives of varying magnifications ranging from 10× to 1,011×.* All three contain a bayonet mount that can be powered electrically, meaning you benefit from rapid objective changes and the objectives’ electrical connectivity. The segmentable LED ringlight integrated into the objectives is powered via the contacts, and the geometrical correction values are accessed individually from the objectives. Not to be taken lightly: its smart safety features. For instance, if the objective touches the sample or your hand, the motor stops automatically, protecting both user and sample. 



  • Integrated QA/QC graphic user interface combines with gesture control to support a seamless macro-to-detail workflow, allowing easy navigation at all times.
  • The optical engine is the heart of the system, combining zoom, overview camera and coaxial illumination – three functions in a single component. 
  • The microscope’s swing arm allows for continuously adjustable angles between –45° and +45° on the sample surface


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