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Innova Plex, Inc. is a full-service microscope and microimaging solutions provider.
We are the Carl Zeiss business partner for the state of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.
We configure and integrate microimaging solutions based on the best of optics available from Carl Zeiss and years of imaging experience accumulated both in life science and material science.   We're proud to assist scientists, researchers and other professionals from dozens of industries around the region meeting their challenging needs and operating at the highest possible standard.

Our product portfolio covers a vast array of products and services.

We provide 

  • Carl Zeiss Microscope Sales and Service
  • Custom Microscope Integration
  • Training and Workshop
  • Wet Lab and Sample Preperation
  • Imaging Outsourcing
  • Custom Analysis Software
  • Artificial Intelligence Tools

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Research Projects

Our innovation team of biologists, geological consultants, optomechanical engineers, and IT specialists has successfully completed numerous challenge-filled imaging projects in the past and we are driven by a clear mission to deliver the best possible balance of excellence, impact and efficiency to meet the needs of our clients.   Combined with our knowledge and experience, the innovation team will make your dreams and ideas into tangible tools of productyivity.




Innova Data Server

Innova Virtual Image Database is the one of a kind enterprise geo-data solution that enables all our clients to combine all relavant data types and host their own secure and robust encrypted two way data sharing and sync service that meets mobility and collaboration needs of our clients and client's organization.  Innova's Client Portal enables an affordable optimal data access anywhere, anytime, and any device.  Innova Client Portal gives clients an absolute and total control over their own data regardless of size and type.



Our Geo-Data Solutions brings an enhanced safety and efficieny to your operation.

Innova Plex, INC is a full-service IT consulting company based in Houston, Texas. We offer specialized, highly customized petrographic technology solutions. Using powerful, state-of-the art development tools, our technicians will build your system from the ground up.


Our Current and Past Clients

The following is a short list of many private and governmental entities with their unque set of products and services.

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