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  • Ulta high-resolution thin-section scanning
  • 1.5um macro 3D imaging scanner for cuttings scanning
  • 20um/pixel portable core scanner in rf, fl, and hyperspectral
  • Multimodal optical and SEM Spectroscopy (MOSES®) organic collocation imaging for organic related pore, mineral, and maceral characterization and quantification that is scalable from pore to core
  • Remote Biostratigraphy Monitoring System and CNN + GAN based automated fossil recognition and sorting
  • Touchstone compatible point-counting system
  • Local and internet based geodata repository database for core to pore petrographic data

Remote Biostratigraphy Monitoring

  • Remote Control and Monitoring:  Transmission of one slide in every 15 to 30 min.
  • Pitch, yaw, and roll motion of drilling ship was solved by a magnetically levitated anti-vibration plate to counter the floor vibration and ultra fast camera to freeze the motion
  • Acquisition of 1000 fields of view (5 to 7 min) with an optical stack to preserse 3D fossil data
  • Feature Detection, Cookie cutting of Fossils, and Wavelet Compression: reduces file size drastically (3 min)
  • Near Real-time File Transmission and sharing (<5 -10min through VPN network)
  • Increases safety and efficinecy of involved personnels.

MOSES® Imaging: Multimodal Optical SEM Spectroscopy

No single mode of imaging reveals a complete morpho-spectral information about a rock.
Innova Plex created an innovative methodology to put together a large scale, statistically valid size of multi-modal and multi-dimensional images in SEM, superesolution reflected optical mode, and spectral fl and raman to characterize and quantify pores, organics, minerals, and macerals.

Innova Plex's unique way of collocating and aligning all image modalities using an AI-assisted affine transformation technique allows geologists to see informations about a rock and help them to make a correct interpretation.


We need a new tool that can satisfy the following requirements.

The following is an example of MOSES collocation imaging from 200um heigh shale sample in 5nm/pixel resolution

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