Company Background

Innova Plex is the original inventor and IP holder of Virtual Petrography technology.   The company was founded back in 2009 by Kimberly Lee.  Bernard Lee was the co-starter of the company and was behind main technology drive for product and service development. Bernard Lee served as an imaging consultant for Carl Zeiss and other micro imaging systems.  


The company developed the world’s first thin-section scanner and started serving almost all major oil and gas companies around the globe since its beginning.  Since then,  Innova's innovative R&D work has made a fundamental impact on the digital rock methodologies. 


The company's portfolio now includes access to :

  • Multi-modal and multi-dimensional optical whole thin-section scanner
  • 1.5um macro 3D imaging scanner for cuttings scanning
  • 20um/pixel portable core scanner with rf, fl, and hyperspectral mode
  • Multi-modal optical and SEM Spectroscopy (MOSES) organic collocation imaging for organic related porosity and mineralogy characterization 
  • Remote Biostratigraphy Monitoring System and CNN based Automated Fossil Recognition and Sorting
  • Touchstone compatible Point-counting System
  • Local and internet-based database of the core to pore petrographic imaging data as well as related non-image files
Innova Plex holds master service contacts with the most major oil companies and has a capacity to handle approximately 2000 thin section scans per month.    
The company has nine employees contributing to a vast pool of combined knowledge and expertise in optomechanics, physics, artificial intelligence, and other key areas.   The company is also actively engaged in multiple research collaborations with university labs and other companies.


The company owns multiple patents on various designs and methodologies and is expanding its IP portfolio beyond the simple digital rock-data acquisition.   The company provides a total digital rock pipeline from core to pore and from data acquisition, analysis, interpretation, and to collaborative digital data management.  


Stay tuned and more exciting news will come in the near future!




Atalantic Ireland Conference:   Dublin Ireland, Nov 2019

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